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7th Grade

Novels in Verse

After completing a study of S.E. Hinton’s classic coming-of-age novel The Outsiders, seventh graders moved into a study of novels in verse. They discussed how these authors are still trying to tell a story, they’re just doing it poetically. However, they also employ many of the same techniques that narrative writers use. To help students see how a narrative story might be presented in verse, seventh graders worked in twelve small teams, each tasked with presenting a single chapter from The Outsiders in rhyming couplets. They were encouraged to incorporate color symbolism and imagery from the novel in their final presentations as well.

Macie Brock, Dylan Callahan

Kaleigh Buxton, Tyler Rardin

Ben Cook, Sydney Johnson, Maeve Mufson

Trevor Green, Caeden Harrison

Rowan Larkin, Michael Billings

Spencer Parish, Karson Keating

Matthew Periconi, Arielle Tyler, Henry Mullikin

Kate Porter, Isabella Westerfield, Madi Brown

Taylor Roach, Isabella Taylor, Finnley Pritchett

Ava Runz, Patrick Gallagher

Hannah Webster, Joanna Riley, Olivia Robinson

Jackson Wood, Marilyn Prud'homme, Avery Andrews

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