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5th Grade

DARE Essays

When seventh graders returned from Echo Hill, they wrote about a favorite memory and tried to recreate that episode for readers.

Bis Johnson

DARE was one of the most fun things I have done at school.  It was amazing learning about all the things that can affect you and your body.  Did you know that 75% of school districts in the US, and 43 countries teach DARE?  So a lot of students have the chance to experience DARE. Even though not all of those kids get Officer Coleman as a DARE teacher they still learn a lot.  Officer Coleman taught me so much, and I loved listening to him sing the DARE song, and other songs. Although I may not experience all of those things right now, I may need to use those facts when I am older.

Drugs are any substance other than food that affects the way your mind and body works.  Drugs can kill you if you overdose. Have you ever heard of a skittles party? You may think it is a party with a bunch of skittles.  But it is not, it is a lot worse than that. A skittles party is when a bunch of people gather up drugs they can find. They put it in a giant bowl, and then everyone just grabs the drugs they want.  Skittles parties are probably one of the worst parties you could ever go to. Did you know by the 8th grade, 28% of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 15% have smoked cigarettes, and 16.5% have used marijuana?

Drugs kill so many people each year, yet Bullying by definition is, “An aggressive or unwanted behavior used again and again to isolate, harm, or control another person.” The 5 W’s of reporting bullying are Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Bullying can hurt people physically like punching, or mentally like mean words. Did you know thatover 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year, and approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying? You can handle bullying by telling a parent, guardian, or teacher. However, when you tell an adult you should do it secretly, or anonymously, because sometimes the bully will see you telling someone, and they can hurt you badly. So when and if you do tell an adult, tell it to them anonymously.
Tobacco is a very bad, For Example, more than 400,000 Americans die from tobacco related causes each year. And that does not even count the deaths in every other country. Did you know that almost 50,000 people die every year because of second hand smoke? Smoking causes heart disease, and lung cancer. Also it is a bad idea to smoke around young children because that can affect their lungs. I think that all people should stop smoking, and improve our health if we did smoke.

A good citizen someone who acts responsibly by helping someone who is in need. A good citizen would help someone if they were being bullied, or treated wrong. Being a bad citizen would be seeing someone being treated wrong and you just ignore it or walk away. A good citizen would make people feel better. Being a good citizen would mean you are not just nice to one person, and mean to someone else. You would be nice to everyone.

Stress is any strain, pressure, or excitement felt about a situation or an event. Stress can cause sweaty palms, hot face, and you can feel embarrassed. If you are feeling stressed, one thing that I would do is go on a bike ride. Or maybe you could express your feelings into a notebook. Also if you do get stressed you should take out your anger on anyone or anything. Stress can make you irritable, and even angry.

I would like to conclude by saying DARE was an amazing experience. It was also amazing because Officer Coleman educated us so well, with using examples. Or telling stories about what we are learning about. Another reason why I loved DARE was because Officer Coleman taught us what can happen in life, and not all of those situations were good. I think we need to have DARE, because it teaches us about things about drugs and tobacco which can kill you. Bullying, how to stop it, how to deal with it, and how to report it. Stress, what the signs of it are, and what you can do to make you feel better. A good citizen, and how to be one. Finally I hope that everyone gets to experience DARE because it really informs you about what can happen in life.

Megan Riley

Taking D.A.R.E. will help you in many ways. D.A.R.E will teach you how to make the right choices in life, and what the right choices are in life. D.A.R.E. will show you the consequences that will happen when you make the wrong choice/decision. I’m going to talk about the most important parts in D.A.R.E. which include the following key terms: peer pressure, stress, making safe/responsible choices, and of course, the most important one, confidence. Knowing these four key terms is important because they will come in handy throughout life, including your adult life. You can use each key term to help  each other, each term goes with or fits with one another: for example, one word may lead to another, and another word may solve another. Each term is important, you’ll learn new, and cool things about each term while taking D.A.R.E., or while jus reading this essay, even if you already know what it means, especially if already know what it means, because then you will be able to understand me, and you’ll know how to interpret/read more into what I’m saying. Do you know how taking D.A.R.E. will help you? Read more and find out.

First, I will talk about stress. Stress is not a good thing, it affects the way you think, what you do, amd even the way you do something. Stress is not good for your health, it can cause life threatening problems such as heart attacks,  or even physical stress to the body. Stress can cause an emergency rush to the hospital, when having such thing as a heart attack. Stress can cause you to make bad decisions, which can lead to consequences, some consequences aren’t that bad, but when you get older or do something worse, the consequences are more severe (worse and harder/an unpleasant outcome). The reason they will be more severe is because you are expected of more, and you are expected to not do these kinds of things, because you’re no longer a little kid anymore. Whatever you do there will be consequences or rewards, consequences will happen if the action you made was not a good one, and guess why it happened, stress.

Rewards will be given and/or earned for good behavior, or doing something good like getting good grades, or doing chores, helping out, etc. Even if you don’t realize what consequences are doing, it’s affecting you, and it all happens for one reason, one really really  important reason, consequences happen because of your actions, your actions happen, form one tiny word that does so much damage, one word, many effects, can you guess what that word is? You guessed it, stress. There are ways to deal with stress. So many, many ways, but some work better for different people. It’s just a lot of people don’t know of them, lucky for you, I’m about to tell you the ones that I find work best for me, and hopefully will work well for you too..

Want to know ways to deal with stress, or a situation, how stress causes consequences, here you go. For example: A test is coming up and you have a lot of stress, because you aren’t prepared. You ask to go to the bathroom before your teacher assigns the test, to cool down, and relax. In the bathroom people are smoking under age, they say that if you smoke your stress level will go down, since you’re so stressed out, and you’re willing to try it, because you are so stressed, you do, and you get caught, you get a zero on the test and a suspension, and all because of stress, which caused a stupid choice you made, and because of it, consequences took place. However if you don’t want that to happen here are stress relievers: count to ten, or count down from ten, relax, put your head down on your desk, or just talk, don’t focus on the cause of the stress, tell someone how you feel and what’s going on. People suffer from stress, sure it’s not a major problem, like cancer, but it’s still important, because everything is important. Stress can lead to other problems, such as peer pressure.

Peer pressure, is much like stress, but the differences are: it’s on the spot, and instead of taking time to deal with it, you have to be quick, and act fast. Peer pressure can be dealt with in many different ways, which include walking away from the situation, or even changing the subject. For example: You are offered a beer at a party, and you’re underaged, your choices are to take a beer, or make a smart choice. Peer pressure leads to really bad consequences, say you took the beer, many bad things could have happened including going to jail. Obviously not a life sentence, maybe a night or two. Also, if you did take the beer, then you would make other bad choices, because you were under the influence, including: harming yourself or even harming others. Peer pressure is not good for your health, it causes stress, which as we learned before, can be helped.

Finally in order to make smart choices, you must be confident. Confidence makes you feel good about yourself, in fact, you will respect,and cherish your health, body, and self. Being confident is actually one way to deal with stress. Being confident is not something you can pick up just like that, it is an ability you either pick up in a long time period, or you have because you respect and are grateful for your, because you’re you. As I said before, being confident helps make good choices because you care about yourself and your body, so when it comes to making good choices, yourself, and your health come into consideration. You will care about what is being put into your body, and you will care how and if it affects your body, and emotions.

Last but not least, I hope you will take yourself,body and health into consideration before making a choice. Now you know ways to deal, and conquer stress, and reach the ability of confidence. I hope you use what you’ve learned in real life, cause I know I have and will. Have you ever been faced with a dilemma, amd have had to make a choice? If so what choice did you make? Think about that question, and make sure if you didn’t make the right choice to make sure you do next time. As I said before taking D.A.R.E. helps you make the right choices, you can start making smart choices by choosing to take D.A.R.E, so I Megan Riley promise to never ever drink smoke or do drugs ever in my entire life, and I can keep a promise.

Jimmy Cohoon

I think that D.A.R.E is a great program for kids. In the ten weeks that we had the privilege to have our D.A.R.E officer, Officer Coleman, teach us things, I learned so many cool facts and amazing things. In my first class of D.A.R.E. it was so fun even though there was still so much to come. In these couple of paragraphs I will explain some of the things that we learned. These are three of the most important things that we learned in our 10 weeks of D.A.R.E. Our main things that we learned are bullying, stress and being a good citizen.

One major thing that we learned about in the weeks that Officer Colman came in, was about bullying. For example, There are so many things about bullying that it’s hard to keep track of, but the major thing is that there are four types of bullying, Officer Coleman taught us four types of bullying in one hour; social, physical, verbal and cyber bullying. Social bullying is writing or saying mean or offensive things to other people. Physical bullying is like punching or kicking in a mean way. Verbal bullying is when an individual uses offensive or mean language against his or her peer(s). Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to say mean things.

Another major thing that we learned alot about is stress. Stress is when lots of pressure is put on someone. One major thing that causes stress is peer pressure. Peer pressure is when there is a negative influence from members of someone’s group(which is also a form of bullying).Also, resistance causes stress. Resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something, and that thing could be something that friends are doing that you feel that you have to do to fit in. Another thing that causes stress is pressure. Pressure is when you are being pushed to do something that you possibly don’t want to do.Lastly,being unsure causes stress. Being unsure is not feeling confident about something.

The last thing that we learned a lot about is being a good citizen. Being a good citizen is not doing drugs, not smoking, to not be a bystander to bullying and lastly to not bully people. You might be asking what does not doing drugs have to do with anything about being a citizen.Also, not doing drugs has a big role in being a good citizen. If you do drugs you may make other people want to do them. You may be wondering the same thing about smoking, but smoking can make people suffer from second hand smoke or want to try cigarettes. Being a bystander is a form of bullying too because if you are a bystander, and simply  watch then you have no problem with people being bullied which is not fair. Lastly, if you are a bully you are not being a good citizen. Bullying people can make individuals feel very bad about themselves. Sometimes even to the point where they want to end their life and that is just terrible. No one should have to feel like that, ever.
I hope in the paragraphs that you just read, you learned something that will help you later in life. When I had D.A.R.E I learned many life lessons, but the one that really stuck out to me was don’t think about what’s just best for you. For example, if you are thinking about doing drugs don’t only think what the  consequences are for you, but also think about the impact that it will have on people that you love. So, next time you think about doing something like that think twice about the impact it will have on you and your family and friends. I hope that you could get something out of my story about D.A.R.E, Thanks.

Nevin Porter

Personally, I like the DARE program because it teaches students very useful lessons to use later inlife.  DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It teaches things like how to avoid peer pressure, handle bullying, and make good choices in life.In this essay, you will learn more about these crucial lessons.  By following these lessons and avoiding drugs and alcohol, you can achieve much more in your life. If you become addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is also very difficult to have a normal life and it often hurts the people you care about as well.

The first important lesson is how to avoid peer pressure.  Peer pressure is when someone (like a classmate or even your best friend) tries to persuade you to do something bad.  This can make bad things happen. You could become addicted to drugs, alcohol, and also cigarettes. These things can get you in trouble, even when the person who pressured you may not. Usually the best and easiest thing to do is say, “no.”  It is a good idea to find friends that also feel it is important to avoid using drugs and alcohol and to stay away from people that are using drugs or alcohol.

Another important lesson is how to handle bullying.  There are three key types of bullying. Social bullying is when someone says mean things about you, which can happen in school or other places.  They often try to make someone feel left out. Physical bullying is when someone physically hurts you. Cyber bullying is when someone makes fun of you on the internet.

The third important lesson is making good decisions.  Every time you make a good decision, you also will be one step closer to reaching your goals.  If you make bad decisions, the opposite can happen. Before you do something that someone else has asked you to do, you should think about the consequences and decide if it will lead you down a good path or lead you to trouble.  You should think about how it could affect you, your future, or people you care about.

The DARE program was full of useful information and I liked listening to Officer Coleman  gave us advice. I learned so much about peer pressure, how to handle bullying, and making good choices in my life.  I also think this program helped many of my classmates as well so that we can all achieve our goals some day. I, Nevin J. Porter, promise to stand up to bullying, peer pressure, and to make good decisions.

Parker Gibson

The Dare Program is very interesting.  It teaches children not to drink, bully, or use tobacco. I have learned that you can ignore someone or walk away from someone if they ask you to smoke with them. It is important to be drug and alcohol free for several reasons. Did you know that there are 75,000 alcohol related deaths each year?  I hope you can learn how stress, tobacco, and alcohol can affect you.

Stress can have many different signs and can be relieved.  Some signs are frustration, anxiety, also you could get excited or emotional. However, This shows that stress may cause you to act differently, like getting sweaty palms or red cheeks. Ways to relieve stress are to ignore it or play for fun. Those are signs of stress and how they’re relieved.

Tobacco is bad for you for several reasons. The nicotine in tobacco reduces the amount of blood that flows in your brain. Also, there are more than 400,000 tobacco related deaths each year.  It is illegal to sell tobacco under the age of 18 in the U.S. (19 in other states). Chewing tobacco can cause mouth cancer, tooth loss, and other health problems.

Additionally, alcohol is bad for you for many reasons. There are 75,000 alcohol related deaths each year.  Alcohol goes directly into your bloodstream and can damage every organ in your body. Consequently, too much alcohol can slow down the body and lead to death. specifically, more effects of alcohol are “loss of coordination, poor judgement, memory loss, loss of self-control, and slow reflexes” you would feel like a dying animal.

In conclusion, D.A.R.E has taught us about the dangers of tobacco and alcohol use.  We have all learned it is not good to drink alcohol or chew tobacco. Also, you have learned what stress can do and how to relive it. I hope you never get stressed or chew tobacco.  So, I Parker Gibson, pledge to never drink, or chew tobacco, even if i'm in a situation where all my friends are drinking and they offer me a drink.

Azania Crawford

D.A.R.E has been a very fun and a great learning experience.  In D.A.R.E I have learned many things that I didn’t know before dare.  For example did you know that there’s over 75,000 alcohol related deaths in the U.S.?  Or that more than 400,000 Americans die from tobacco related causes each year? Yeah, I bet that you didn’t know that either.  But in D.A.R.E I have learned how drugs and alcohol affect you and your body, and what you should do in life and what you shouldn’t.

Let’s first start off with drugs/tobacco use.  Drugs affect the way your brain and body works. They also can cause death if you take too many/overdose.  Smoking is also the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S.A. Almost 50,000 deaths per year can be attributed to secondhand smoke.  There is also more than 200 known harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke.

Secondly, in dare we have also learned about alcohol and how is affects you and your body. Alcohol kills your brain cells, causes memory loss, and loss of coordination.  Alcohol can also weaken the heart muscle, and reduces the amount of blood pumped to and from the heart. Also alcohol distorts your vision. So when you walk, or drive you won’t be able to see clearly and will most likely fall or crash.  Lastly if you mix alcohol with medicine that can be very dangerous, and may cause death.

Another subject I have learned in dare was confident communication.  You would use confident communication if you get or have gotten bullied, and if you are stressed.  Its ideal to use confident communication because it can help you get rid of stress. Another reason it’s ideal to use confident communication is that it may help you not do bad things.  Confident communication also shows that you have someone to talk to whenever you feel the need to talk to someone. Lastly confident communication shows that you have someone you can trust.
Lastly, in dare we have learned about signs of stress.  You may be stressed if you feel embarrassed, annoyed, overwhelmed, and maybe even scared.  If you are stressed it may be best to talk to someone you trust to help relieve that stress.  More signs of stress are sweaty palms, and a flushed face. When you are stressed you might yell, cry, feel antsy, and be angry.

In conclusion, D.A.R.E has been a wonderful learning and fun experience.  The D.A.R.E officer(officer colman) has taught me multiple things I didn’t know of.  An example is that tar is in popcorn but is also in cigarettes. Officer colman was also a very fun mentor for me and my peers.  We did many fun activities in D.A.R.E. Like the drunk goggles, and acting out the scenes/ problems in our D.A.R.E notebooks. So make sure if you get a chance, to kick it with D.A.R.E!

Audrey Dent

I believe that the DARE Program should be part of all school curriculums because this program teaches us about many things from peer pressure to facts about tobacco.  Also, I think that it is important to stay a no-violence-or-drugs person because you can, consequently, be fatally injured if you aren’t. I mainly learned about peer pressure, tobacco, stress, and bullying.  Did you know that cigarette smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths in the U.S.A. alone? I bet that you didn’t! Because of this, kids should take the DARE program- and many other reasons why too!

First of all, I learned in DARE class about peer pressure.  Peer pressure is in DARE, a reason to take DARE class. Peer pressure is where someone your age pressures you to do something.  Your peers are always your age, usually associated with your classmates. Resistance is an important action to learn how to do when it comes to peer pressure.  Some ways to resist is to avoiding the situation, walking away, and changing the subject. An example of peer pressure is your classmate pressuring you to smoke.  Did you know that only 10% of teenagers said that they had not been pressured by their peers? That means that 90% kids have experienced being under pressure.

Another thing that I learned was that tobacco is bad for you.  Tobacco contains nicotine, which is both harmful and addictive. In the U.S.A, it is illegal to sell or give tobacco to people that are under 18 years old.  Tobacco is very bad for everyone because it contains more than fifty chemicals that each cause cancer. There are many different forms of cancer, but all in all, cancer can incurably harm you.  Tobacco is in cigarettes, and the amount of tobacco in 1 cigarette can range from 65-100%. Tobacco causes about 400,000 deaths in America each year. As I said before, it is very bad for you. In DARE, I learned to not have tobacco and to just say no.

In the third place, I learned about how to handle stress.  I learned to put my head down on my desk and count to 10 or 5, depending on how stressed I am.  Stress is any strain, pressure, or excitement felt about something. Anxiety (stress) is usually caused by a challenge or order that is put upon your shoulders. Learning when you are stressed can be very helpful when trying to handle it. Signs of being stressed are that your palms are sweaty, your cheeks are burning, you want to run to somewhere else, and your eyes are filling up with tears. Learning about how to handle stress is helpful when trying to control it- another reason why you should go to DARE.

Last, but not least, I learned about bullying.  Bullying is an aggressive or unwanted behavior used frequently to isolate, harm, or control another person.  There is something called the 5 W’s to remember when reporting bullying. Specifically, they are Who, What, When, Where, and Why.  The 5 W’s are important because it might be hard to tell someone about it in case someone else threatened to hurt you if you told an adult.  Because of this, we learned about it in DARE. When you witness bullying, do not be a bystander or someone who just watches bullying but does nothing about it.  Bullies are usually insecure or are being bullied somewhere else. As a result, they believe that they should hurt others to make them more powerful and cool. However, bullying practically does the opposite.  An example of bullying is someone telling you that you cannot sit or play with them. In the world, over 3.2 million kids are bullied each year. That’s a lot of kids!

In conclusion, all elementary schools should have the DARE program.  They should because DARE teaches about many different facts that the children might not have known before.  I know that after graduating from DARE, I know much more about things from bullying to tobacco use. It is important to know about these things because, later in life, you should be able to “just say no!” to dangerous ideas that other people try to get you into doing.  I know that some people are just saying that “studies have shown that the DARE program is not effective,” but I know that after taking it, I now know more about peer pressure, stress, bullying, and tobacco than I did before. From now on, I will remember to stay a good citizen and remember to listen to my heart.  Remember, the cost of not following your heart (doing what is right) is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

Ellie McCalmon

I think the Dare program is interesting.  I learned a lot from it, and it was very entertaining.  I have learned that, drug and alcohol use can damage my brain, and organs.  I learned that it will damage me even more, because I’m young. I think it’s important because, drug and alcohol use will damage my future, and I won’t be able to get a job.  If this happens, I will be living on my parents couch in a basement. Later, after this essay hopefully YOU will understand these facts a little bit more.

Alcohol is a destructive influence on everyone, young and old.  It can damage organs and even kill people. I learned in Dare that about 75,000 people die every year from alcohol.  The most important reason that you shouldn’t drink alcohol, is because alcohol weakens the heart muscle, and can damage every organ in the body.  Alcohol use may result in, loss of coordination; poor judgement; memory loss; loss of self-control; and slow reflexes. Teens who drink alcohol have the effects multiplied, making it even more dangerous.  This is why alcohol is illegal for anyone under the age of 21. Alcohol is dangerous for anyone no matter what their age is.

Alcohol is addictive, which makes it even worse.  It’s fine to drink a little bit on New Years Eve, if you’re old enough.  Just make sure you don’t drink to much. If you have poor judgement as a result of alcohol use, you might end up doing something you will regret later.  If you do something foolish, you can’t back it up, because the fact remains that you still did it. So don’t drink if you want a good future.

You might say, “I’m over the age of 21, so I can drink alcohol and it won’t hurt me, right?”  Drinking alcohol over 21 won’t hurt you as much as if you’re underage, but it will still hurt you.  Don’t get fooled by the fact that cool people drink, because it’s not cool. Teenagers drink more and more, because their favorite celebrities drink.  You can also prevent people from drinking. Just make sure you don’t do what you’re saying not to do.

Tobacco can kill people, and is every bit as dangerous as alcohol.  There are more than 200 harmful chemicals in cigarettes. Nicotine is one of the substances, and is very addictive, which results in people becoming addicted.  Tobacco is, in a way, even more dangerous than alcohol because it comes in different flavors, drawing young kids in. More than 400,000 Americans die from tobacco annually.  Smoking can cause heart diseases and lung cancer. I know how dangerous tobacco and cigarettes can be, because my uncle died from smoking.

Bullying is a regularly occurring instance, in which one person is either mentally hurting, or physically hurting another person.  Bullying is a serious topic, not to be made fun of, because it can lead to depression, which can lead to people killing themselves.  People shouldn’t have to go through this. I learned that I can help with bullying, with the 5 W’s of reporting bullying. Who. What.  When. Where . All of these can help people live a better life, and maybe even save their lives. I learned that I, and everybody, can make a difference regarding to bullying.

I now know how to safely report bullying, thanks to the D.A.R.E program.  You could do it anonymously, so that you don’t get bullied if the bully finds out.  You could leave a note for the teacher to tell him too. It’s really not enough if you just see the bullying and don’t report it.  Remember to report bullying safely and wisely.
People become stressed when somebody is pressuring them, or they just feel pressured.  Pressure is when somebody or something is putting strain on you to do something. Symptoms of stress are, frustration, strain, pressure, excitement.  Stress can result in erratic behaviour. Stress is something that can be dealt with though. It’s different for everybody, some people like to sleep it off, while some people can’t sleep.  Some people might take it off on others, which is why it needs to be dealt with. Stress is mental, and if someone you know is stressed, just figure out what is best for them and work from there.

Confidence.  Confidence can affect your choices that you make.  You want to have the right amount of confidence without being too unsure, or demanding.  When you’re unsure of something, you might not get a serious message across. For example, if you need to confront your friends, and you’re unsure, they might not take it seriously.  However, if you become too demanding, you’re just mean. They might react with anger at your attitude, and that might not end too well. Confidence is important in your everyday life, and you have to make sure you have it.

Alcohol is destructive, and so is tobacco.  Don’t drink or smoke, if you want to live a long, healthy life.  Bullying can impact someone else’s life greatly. Don’t bully other people, but instead help report, and stop bullying.  Stress is a major component in someone’s everyday life, and can affect the choices you make as a person. Help people overcome stress, and while it will always be there, there will be less of it.  Confidence helps get the right message across. If you not confident enough, you won’t be taken seriously. If you’re demanding, the person you’re trying to get the message across to, might retaliate.

In conclusion, all of these factors are serious matters, and need to be dealt with.  Whether it’s you directly or indirectly helping them. After I learned all of this, I figured out what I can do more, to help people.  Also, how I can prevent myself from making foolish decisions. As a result, I will make a commitment, I Ellie McCalmon, promise to make smart choices, and help people who need it.  Remember, D.A.R.E means Drug Abuse Resistance Education. However, more importantly it means Define, Assess, Respond, Evaluate.

Sophia Gately

Did you know that “there are 75,000 alcohol related deaths each year in the U.S.?”  Isn’t that a lot? I learned that in the DARE program, which stands for Drug, Abuse, Resistance and Education.  The DARE program is very important and a class that all students should takel. It teaches you to avoid drugs, alcohol, tobacco and how to deal with stress.  I wouldn’t have known how bad drugs and tobacco were until DARE. I also wouldn’t have known how to deal with stress, but thanks to DARE, now I know. I think everyone should learn about these topics and how to resist or deal with them so you can avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

I learned peer pressure is when someone your age tries to make you do something. I also learned peer pressure can be good or bad.  Peer pressure can be good for example if your peers push you to not use tobacco. It can also be bad, in particular if your friends want you to smoke with them. Finally, I learned that peer pressure can cause stress and arguments.

I also learned more about stress.  It is very hard to make good decisions when you are stressed because it makes it hard for you to think.  Some signs of stress are sweaty palms, red cheeks, and headaches. In DARE we learned how to deal with stress.  One idea is to count to ten.

At home, my parents and I talked about how tobacco destroys your lungs, making it hard to breath.  Another thing I learned is that “more than 400,000 Americans die from tobacco related deaths each year.”  That’s a lot of people. Most of them die from cancer. Did you know that there are more than 200 known harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke?  I learned that cigarettes contain nicotine, a very addictive substance. Smoking can cause bad breath and wrinkles.

I also learned about alcohol. “Drinking isn’t cool it makes you act like a fool.”  - Tim Gay. When you are drunk you can’t make good decisions. I also learned that it is hard to stand and everything is blurry.  You also shiver a lot and you can’t walk in a straight line. Lastly, I learned that the side effects are “loss of coordination, poor judgement, memory loss, loss of self control, and slow reflexes.”

DARE taught me a great deal about staying safe.  I now know ways to resist alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.  I know how unhealthy it is to use tabocco or alcohol. I also know that alcohol, tobacco, and stress can lead to making bad decisions.  I will use the information DARE taught me to help me make good choices in the the future. In conclusion, I Sophia Gately promise to use everything I learned in DARE to benefit me when someone pressures me to try alcohol, drugs or tobacco.
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